Shimayado Island INN Goen is Japanese Ryokan style and guesthouse.
We came back to Ojika island 2014 with my family, opened Shimayado Goen from 2015.
Shimayado Goen is only INN "Available in English." in Ojika island
I wish all people will have a further opportunity of meeting in our accommodation call Goen. New experiences, exchange culture, make friends in Goen. Goen is meaning of meeting you is not accidental but necessity! Please come to have new experiences of Japan. You can experience the real OMOTENASHI (hospitality in Japanese) at Shimayado Goen, and if you want to enjoy cultural experience, Shimayado Goen is the best ryokan to stay for sure! When you enter, I will happy and smile welcomes you. Our guest rooms have TATAMI mattress (we also we have a folding bed too If you need it please let me know) which bring the Japanese exotic feeling to you. At the dinning room we put a simple Japanese traditional flower arrangement as well. You can feel JAPAN even at the small corner of our ryokan. Please come and stay at Shimayado Goen to make your trip more memorable.
Our purpose of business plan is cheer up for​ Ojika island by sightseeing 
Accommodation = sightseeing = People is the vale of place where you go traveling
Shimayado Goen is the place who are staying from all over the world, different background which completely different compare other facility. When you come to Ojika island, we help and advice where is the best spot of Ojika island, after enjoy Ojika island, relaxing your time of Goen.
Our facility of Goen is all private room and include all bath & toilet, people who want to stay guesthouse, more reasonable price, after dinner let's go to Karaoke bar to drink and party, meet local people, travelers and have experiences of Karaoke.
We are sharing the happy time and place, that's Goen INN
Shimayado Goen can provide to you peace of mind, great sleep and atmosphere, and fun time

In the night time in Ojika island, Anyone including our guests are welcome to enjoy drinking and party with local together. We hope theBar & Karaoke Melody could be a special place for everyone to gather together, chat and make friends while enjoying delicious food and drink. Furthermore, we have a passion to provide our guests with opportunities to learn more about our country. We do this mainly through organizing food-related events to introduce Japanese food cultures. 

Shimayado Goen is value the connections I have with people.
People = Sightseeing
When you leave Ojika island, you will have a lot of friends, connect with them in SNS.
I always happy to be your friend in SNS
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島旅で "+α の御縁" と、情報と、価値観、文化、歴史、食、そして安心を得られる宿を作ってます。
*必ず私とはSNSで友達になれます!( 友達申請ウエルカム 

 ・故郷を元気にする宿=観光 =人
There are no shopping malls and fast food at convenience stores open 24 hours, but it is "only" on Ojika island.
Our 5 mottos

· Family smile
· Omotenashi(Great Hospitality) 

· Peace and comfort INN 

· Connect with people from all over the world

· Practice makes perfect

Yes We Can!

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